Social media recruitment for small businesses

Need to hire new staff?
We have a unique and innovative way of recruiting staff by utilising Social Media AI technology – More effective than traditional recruiters.
The ChallengesOur Solution

Suitable for many types of businesses – Small or Large

Property, Construction & Engineering


Hire Estate Agents / Mortgage Advisors, Builders, Architects or Engineers




Hire Carers or Nurses




Hire Mechanics or Tyre Fitters


Restaurants & Cafes


Hire Waiters or Chefs


Insurance Companies


Hire Claims Handlers, Assessors or Admin Staff


Joinery Firms


Hire Joiners


Let us find your next employee.

We are cost-effective, efficient and friendly.

We understand your challenges

  • Short-staffed
  • Staff overworked
  • Unhappy customers
  • Increase in negative reviews
  • Failing to meeting customer demand
  • Business not operating to its full potential
  • Writing job ads expensive and time-consuming

Our Solution

A proactive research-led B2B solution to social media recruitment utilising Social Media AI technology to identify talent for your job roles:
  • A new way of finding staff
  • Suitable for many industry types
  • 57.6m people in the UK use social media
  • Target the right audience and location
  • Takes advantage of Facebook’s AI
  • Find new staff the easy way
  • Save up to 80% in fees*
How does it work?Have a chat with us

We use social media AI targeting to find local talent for you company

Expanding Opportunities

Typical job sites rely on CV’s

Our approach is different, not everyone has an up-to-date CV and is actively looking for a new job. We proactively target and reach more people than job board’s alone.

Planning & Research

We get to the core of your job requirements

Our thorough approach ensures we focus on the key requirements of the job role and ask the right questions to potential candidates. We identify your ideal candidate by experience, availability and location.

The AI Funnel

Building you a candidate lead generating machine

For every job role we build you a bespoke candidate lead generating machine that you can turn on and off at any time. This is completely unique to your organisation and designed in a way to positively market your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Recruiting?

Traditional ways of searching such as Advertising on Job Portals are old fashioned and take a lot of time. Potential Employees invest a lot of time creating and updating their CV, searching adequate Jobs and composing a cover letter. Employers have to collect the requirements, post the job position on various portals, keep track of all applicants and filter out candidates.

Instead of the candidate searching for a position and contacting the company, we do it the other way round. We ask candidates if they are interested in a new job.

What areas to do cover in the United Kingdom?

We focus on businesses outside of London including in Kent, Essex, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Berkshire and Bedfordshire.

We currently are working on a separate product to deliver results effectively in London and Greater London.

What are the benefits for using your service?

Our fees are much less than traditional recruiters. We are also confident we can find you more local candidates for your business and offer a no risk trial of our service.

Contact us and schedule a meeting for pricing.

Are you recruiters or headhunters?

We are definately not recruiters or headhunters. We don’t target individual persons directly like headhunters usually do on LinkedIn or other platforms.

Potential interested employees will contact us through the ad which we have setup on Facebook.


How do you ensure that the right candidates are targeted?

The Facebook ads and the respective funnel are designed to target only desired employees. For further details, please contact us, we will show you in detail how this works.


Can you run the job ads on behalf of our Facebook business page?

Definitely. This is the preferred way of running the job ads. We will create the Facebook ad and the funnel for you. You have to provide us access to your Facebook Business page though. Once you approve both, we will run the ad(s) and the funnel and inform you about possible candidates.


Do you also conduct interviews?

No, we don’t conduct any interviews. However we filter and prepare the list of candidates as per your requirements. Contacting and interviewing the candidates are still up to you!


Can you guarantee us that we will fill our open position 100%?

No, we cannot guarantee that the position will be filled. Reason one: It might be that you don’t want to employ the presented candidates.

Reason two: We might struggle to find the right candidates due to various factors such as payment is very bad, too specific requirements for position, etc.


I can really save up to 80% of fees, compared to traditional recruiters / headhunters?

Our quality service is cheaper than the fees of traditional recruiters or headhunters. We don’t need to employ lots of personnel doing manual work. We are relying on the AI algorithms of Facebook. The AI learns over time and gets better in targetting those candidates suited best for your position.

You can save up to 80% of your budget if you use our service instead of traditional recruiters or headhunters. For more details please contact us.


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